Indonesia G30S

"The truht about the unsurpation must not be made apparent; it came about originally without reason and has become reasonable. We must see that it is regarded as authentic and eternal, and its origins must be hidden if we do not want it soon to end." Blaise Pascal, Pensées (1670)
We are the reenactment.
"Now when the lord Chamberlen & these other lordes and knightes were thus behedded & ridde out of the way: then thought the protectour, yet while men mused what the mater ment, while the lordes of the realm wer about him out of their owne strenghtis, while no man wist what to thinke nor whome to trust, ere euer they should haue space to dispute & digest the mater & make parties: it wer best hastly to pursue his purpose, & put himself in possession of the crowne... But now was al the study, by what means thys matter being of it self so heinouse, might be first broken to the people, in such wise that it might be wel taken. --Thomas More, The History of Richard III (1513)
Ke$akten (The Power)
Hippity Hip Hooray!

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